Condo for Sale, IDEO MOBI Sathorn 21sqm furnished

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2,999,000 บาท


โครงการ : ไอดีโอ โมบิ สาทร

:: Highlights ::

- Ideo Mobi Sathorn. This unit is beautifully furnished with built-in furniture.
- Balcony facing the pool view and city view. Turn to the north, not the sunny. It is the best location in the project.
- Full facilities Pool, Fitness, Garden, Library, Laundry and Shop.
- Max Value is available 24 hours a day.
- Only 80 meters from BTS Krung Thonburi, this condominium gives you access to leading business and educational institutions only minutes away.

:: Room Details ::
- Size 21.09 sqm 1 bedroom + living room 1 bathroom 1 kitchen and 1 balcony
- Fully Furnished with Build-in Good condition
- The room is on the 20th floor of 31st floor.
- Balcony facing North The room is not hot. It offers pool views and city views. Which is the best position in the project.
- The owner of the room rarely. Current availability
- All furniture and appliances sold.


5 ft bed with sealy mattress
Wall-mounted multi-purpose shelf
Built-in desk and shelf over desk with chair
Showcase between the living room and the bed.
Sofa with locker on the wall above the sofa.
Sofa table
Universal shelf beneath and above the TV.
Built-in kitchen with zinc plated cover for extra space.
Basin with built-in locker
Kitchen Sliding Door

HITACHI 2 door refrigerator
Sharp 39 inch TV
HITACHI 7.5 kg washing machine
2 electric cookers with hood MEX
1 air
Yale's Digital Door Lock
:: Project Description ::

- Project Name: Ideo Mobi Sathorn / IDEO MOBI SATHORN
- Location: Krung Thon Buri Road Banglamphu Sub-District, Khlong San, Bangkok,
- Project Owner: Ananda Development
- Project area: 2 rai 2 ngan 5.50 sq.w.
- Project Type: 1 high rise condominium with 31 floors
- Room Type: studio
- Number of rooms: 530 units
- Parking lot: 209 cars, 40%
- Facilities: elevator, parking, 24-hour security, CCTV, swimming pool, fitness, shop, Max Value shop, laundry, park, library, etc.
- The public fee is 45 baht per sqm.
- Completed: 2014 (2014)

:: Location (Nearby) ::

- BTS Krung Thon Buri Station, 80 meters.
- Wongwian Yai 930 meters.
- The Surasak Expressway 2.4 km.
- Tesco Lotus Express Distance 630 m.
- Robinson Department Store (Lat Ya) 1.7 km.
- International Pioneer International School The distance is about 420 meters.
- Second house restaurant 270 meters.
- Phil's Restaurant - 340 meters
- Taksin Hospital Distance 1.9 km


Price 2,999,000 Baht


Contact Hero

Tel: 081-698-5433
Line id: pumobile

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